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Roof Light Replacement

There is a huge benefit of allowing natural light into industrial and commercial buildings. The natural light entering the building can reduce the cost of artificial lighting whilst making the existing building appear more attractive and provides a better working environment for staff.

Rooflights on an existing building can easily become damaged and often brittle due to ultra violet degradation. The harmful UV rays of the sun attack the roof lights over a number of years which can result in them warping and breaking down which allows them to leak. The degradation and dis colourment of the roof lights also blocks out the majority of natural light they were designed to allow into the building making the internal environment darker and not so attractive.

When roof lights are replaced on an existing building clients are often surprised by how much additional light enters the building compared with the old degraded ones and this can completely change the internal aspect of the building.

Roof light replacement can often be carried out with the minimal disruption to on site operations allowing the customer to continue with their normal business unaffected.

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Our service is to attend site very quickly from the initial enquiry in order to carry out a free of charge full diagnostic survey of the area, which results with an in depth inspection and report being provided at no cost with digital photographs, options and costs for the proposed work.

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