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Liquid Coating Flat Roofs

Liquid Applied Waterproof Systems

Liquid applied systems are installed for a variety of reasons

This can depend on locations, accessabity and other factors

The systems are cold applied onto the roof area and would fully encapsulate the roof area

This is especially useful when there are a number of protrusions or other items through the roof area

Our liquid applied roofing systems are designed to overlay virtually any existing flat roof area.

The liquid systems we install are tried and tested market leading systems which all have a manufactures guarantee. The systems when completed have a seamless waterproof membrane, which provides excellent protection and fully encapsulates the existing roof area.

Liquid roofing systems are a popular choice and cost effective method of waterproofing a roof through the application of a liquid roof coating. The liquid membrane is installed as a cold applied system which many customers prefer due to limitations on hot works at many sites.

The liquid system can be preferable to other flat roofing solutions as there is not the need to remove the existing roof covering creating less disruption and less time on site.

We install a number of systems including Sika Liquid Plastics, Bauder and Kemperol

There are a number of guarantee periods with the liquid system up to 20 years.

Kemper System

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Our service is to attend site very quickly from the initial enquiry in order to carry out a free of charge full diagnostic survey of the area, which results with an in depth inspection and report being provided at no cost with digital photographs, options and costs for the proposed work.

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