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Roof Sheet End Lap Treatment

Cut edge corrosion is the name of the condition when the protective plastisol coating to the existing steel roof sheets has started to peel back and detach along the roof sheet end lap.

Once the existing plastisol paint has peeled back it then exposes the unprotected bare steel to the elements which in turn starts to rust and corrode. It is possible to treat the existing steel roof sheet end laps with specialist paint applications.

There are a number of paint products on the market such as Giromax Seamsil and HD Sharmanns Sheet Guard both of which we are approved contractors for and both systems have a manufacturer’s material guarantee.

The paint applications are applied by means of brush to the roof sheet overlaps and also the bottom edge lap of the roof.

The new paint system would therefore fully encapsulates the entire roof sheet end lap areas which re applies the protective paint cover.

When the corrosion has been left un treated for a sustained period of time there has been instances where the roof sheet laps are deteriorated to such an extent that they cannot be treated and in that case sheet replacement is required therefore it is recommended that any corrosion on the roof sheet end laps is inspected and treated hastily.

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